A Consulting Guru represents a well rounded individual in the IT/Engineering fields. The type of individual fit to join the don the title of a “Guru” in the IT/Engineering field is one who possesses a versatile skill set, allowing him/her to exceed on various tasks and in various work environments, making them extremely valuable to a company or government agency that Consulting Gurus has been contracted to provide services to.

Employees of Consulting Gurus are the image of Consulting Gurus. For this reason, the recruitment strategy used by the company is to find candidates whose skill level transcends their years of experience. Due to this strategy, the compensation offered to employees of Consulting Gurus is guaranteed to be higher than the mean salary of engineers with a given candidate’s years of experience.

Consulting Gurus provides dynamic, and versatile resources with need for minimal training. At Consulting Gurus we seek to provide elite resources capable of leadership and conquering difficult challenges. Consulting Gurus’ resources are efficient and capable multitasking and handling heavy workloads.

Our resources are multifaceted and able to create immediate impact upon deployment.Consulting Gurus was founded in 2012 by it's CEO, a Senior Software Engineer, William Jenkins IV.